About Re-piping

re-piping OVERVIEW

If your building is experiencing water pipe leaks, you are not alone. The problem of leaky water pipes has been a major concern to many apartment building owners, managers and residents for years. Regardless of the size of your building it’s simply a question of time before the expensive repair bills, the midnight water leaks, and perhaps most important the inconvenience to your residents will necessitate a complete re-piping of your existing water piping system.

You now have two basic choices to consider:

  1. you can engage the services of a re-piping specialist who will generally take on the responsibility of the complete project employing and supervising all of the plumbing and finishing trades. The engineering and permit process is also the contractors responsibility. Your second choice is neither desirable nor effective.
  2. You take it upon yourself to hire a service plumber, a drywall contractor, a painting contractor, a cleaning crew, and other general labourers as they are needed. You must now be prepared to spend a great deal of time managing and administrating multiple contractors in an attempt to complete the re-pipe process of your building.

The process of your first choice is as follows: Generally an informational meeting is held with the residents prior to the work taking place. All residents are fully briefed as to how the re-piping process works and the effect it will have on each suite. The contractor will give each resident proper written notice of entry or water shutdowns. The entire re-piping process takes approximately ten working days to complete in a typical suite including the drywall repairs and painting. The contractor you engage should protect the floors and all areas within the area of work, and the cleaning should be carried out during the entire process. In conclusion, the obvious benefits of hiring a re-piping specialist are a more efficient and cost effective project.


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