About Re-piping

The Problem

The historic acidic water supply of Greater Vancouver produces a corrosive effect on copper piping and slowly dissolves the pipe wall causing the pipe wall to wear thin. Electrolysis, high velocity water flow and undersized piping are other reasons for pipe failure. The result is a plumbing system plagued with pinholes, leaks and in need of frequent costly repairs. The “band-aid” method of a rubber hose and clamp covering pinholes on the pipe is a quick-fix temporary solution. However, this method is most often short-lived. In our experience, total water pipe replacements have been necessary to buildings as young as eight years in age.


The Solution

If the building is experiencing frequent piping leaks, then the only logical long-term cost-effective solution is a complete replacement of the domestic water supply system.

Cambridge can provide a turn-key solution using quality materials and impeccable workmanship.


The Procedure

The first step is to design a new water pipe system. Our team of plumbing engineer’s designs are produced to meet or exceed the local plumbing and building codes. Careful consideration is taken to design a system that is as quiet and efficient as possible. A plumbing and building permit is obtained from the Municipal Hall. A preconstruction information meeting is held for the residents at which point, they will be introduced to our staff and have an opportunity to ask questions. The residents will be informed of what to expect throughout the duration of the project and the procedures involved.  Before any work takes place within the suites, each resident will be issued a notice of entry 48 hours in advance. The notice of entry will have a detailed summary of work to be performed.

Every effort is made to have the minimal number of water shutdowns. Residents will have 48 hours advance notice of any water shutdowns. However, if water is turned off during the day, it will be fully restored by 4:30 PM. Our cleaning crews clean each area of our work throughout the building every day. Work usually takes place from 8:00 AM to 4:300 PM, Monday to Friday, excluding holidays. On completion of the retrofit, a set of drawings showing the location of all piping as installed is provided. A copy of all inspection reports from the Municipal Inspectors are also forwarded along with the Cambridge system warranty. A full briefing on the operation of the new piping system is provided.