Company Profile

A Family Tradition Since 1967

The Jurinak family began a new era in plumbing in 1967. John Jurinak Sr. immigrated to Canada in 1957 from what was then communist Hungary.

He arrived with his wife, his skills as a plumber, and a pocketful of hope. John could not speak English and had no contacts or relatives in Canada at the time of his arrival. What John did have was a  desire to succeed and make his new home a place where he could raise a family and serve the community that he embraced.

British Columbia offered John opportunities that he could only dream of in Eastern Europe where at the age of 13 the young John Jurinak Sr began his apprenticeship in the plumbing trade. John wanted to be a plumber; he recognized at a very young age that plumbing could offer him the type of future stability that was uncommon during that period in European history. He was right.

After 10 years of working as a plumber in Canada and saving all of his money he took a very large risk, and opened his own plumbing business. In 1967, ten years after his immigration to Canada John opened Cambridge Plumbing Systems.

John Sr. always believed that if you treat the customer like family (today we call that customer service) then they would be loyal and refer Cambridge to their friends and relatives, he was right.

In 1983 John Jr. became a licensed plumber and worked with his father in the family business until 1992. It was then that John Sr. decided that he was ready for partial retirement and that the work ethic he had instilled in his son would propel the company to the next level of growth, and it did. John Jr. decided that Cambridge wanted to focus and specialize in the re-piping of apartment buildings. He assembled the best available people and developed a system of re-piping that would be as professional, efficient and unintrusive as possible.